About Us

Who we are!!

1) Metairie Humane is a true NO KILL Shelter. If a dog cannot be adopted out, it remains with us as a permanent resident for the rest of its life.

2) Metairie Humane is run by volunteers, so all prizes, grants and donations go directly to dog care.

3) Metairie Humane has no corporate sponsors.

4) Metairie Humane relies on fundraisers, donations, grants, and prizes to fill the significant gap between the costs to care for our dogs and the small adoption fee charged for each dog.

How we started

Metairie Humane was founded by a group of concerned long-term Metairie residents who wanted to do something to improve the lives of all dogs. Metairie Humane uses all donations and funds raised at events to fund veterinary care, upkeep of pets awaiting adoption, long term care of unadopted pets and other related expenses. Metairie Humane does NOT have ANY paid staff members.

We strive to improve the adoption prospects and the quality of life for homeless pets in the Metairie/Greater New Orleans area. Spurred to action by the frequent headlines of the continual failure of the local shelters to provide adoptable pets a chance at finding a new forever family, Metairie Humane was born.

Today, Metairie Humane tries to provide as many homeless pets as possible with a safe and loving environment as they await a family and home of their own. They provide educational services encouraging responsible pet ownership and making known the many benefits of spaying or neutering your pets.

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