Mission Statement

Metairie Humane’s mission is “connecting humans with pet companions destined to be a lifetime love affair” and to care for companion dogs regardless of breed**, age, gender, or medical status. Our goal is to place homeless or abandoned dogs in permanent loving homes. We provide a safe and caring environment for pets awaiting placement due to high kill rates at local pounds and shelters.

All animals due to age or infirmity are cared for in a loving environment — long term — with dignity and consideration by Metairie Humane. We also attempt to rehabilitate and provide remedial training to dogs that lack the social skills to be considered for adoption. Additionally, Metairie Humane actively promotes and facilitates spaying and neutering dogs and cats for health, social, and overpopulation prevention reasons; we provide educational services to encourage responsible and caring relationships with pets. We are able to provide all of our services to the general public as a result of donated supplies, monetary gifts, fundraisers, and volunteer efforts.

**Metairie Humane is unable to take “pit bull” type terriers or Chowchows.

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